Issues In Educational Research

Reviewers 2013

IIER records its appreciation of the voluntary work by the following, who have acted as reviewers for one or more submissions to IIER during 2013.

Dr Dave Armstrong, University of South Australia
Dr Roger Atkinson, Webmaster
Dr Greg Auhl, Charles Sturt University
Dr Jane Bone, Monash University
A/Prof John Buchanan, University of Technology Sydney
Dr Angelito Calma, University of Melbourne
Dr Jehanzeb Cheema, University of Illinois
Dr Chris Perry, Deakin University
Dr David Curtis, Flinders University
Prof Brian Devlin, Charles Darwin University
Dr Eva Dobozy, Curtin University
Dr Patricia Dooey, Curtin University
Dr Michael Forsman, Södertörn University, Sweden
Dr Christine Glass, Murdoch University
Dr Robin Gregson, Charles Darwin University
A/Prof Marcus Henning, Auckland University
Dr Marcus Henning, University of Auckland
A/Prof Larissa Jõgi, Tallinn University, Estonia
Dr Theo Kaniuka, Fayetteville State University
Dr Sean Kearney, University of Notre Dame Australia
Prof Ewald Kiel, Ludwig Maximillian University, Germany
Harry Kuchah Kuchah, The University of Warwick
Dr Patrick Lim, Eynesbury Senior College, South Australia
Ms Noella Mackenzie, Charles Sturt University
Dr Erin MacKenzie, Macquarie University
Dr Suzanne MacQueen, University of Newcastle, NSW
Dr Anna Malmbjer, Södertörn University, Sweden
A/Prof John McCormick, University of Wollongong
A/Prof Lesley Newhouse-Maiden
Dr Sue Nichols, University of South Australia
Dr Nic Nistor, Ludwig Maximillian University, Germany
A/Prof Lisa Öberg, Södertörn University, Sweden
Dr Elena Prieto, University of Newcastle, NSW
Dr Richard Rose, Texas A&M University
Prof Wayne Sawyer, University of Western Sydney
Dr Joanna Sikora, Australian National University
Dr Cheryl Sim, Griffith University
Prof Lisa Smith, University of Otago
Prof Max Smith, University of Newcastle, NSW
Dr Rukhsana Tajin, University of Newcastle, NSW
Dr Hanne Tange, Aarhus University, Denmark
Dr Nisha Thapliyal, University of Newcastle, NSW
Dr Sabine Weiss, Ludwig Maximillian University, Germany
Dr Ben Williams, Griffith University

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