Issues In Educational Research

Reviewers 2011-2012

IIER records its appreciation of the voluntary work by the following, who have acted as reviewers for one or more submissions to IIER during 2011-2012.

Dr Dave Armstrong, University of South Australia
Dr Roger Atkinson, Web Master
Assoc Prof Kristy Beers, Fägersten Sodertörn University
Dr Jenny Berglund, Södertörn University
Dr Peter Boman, Queensland University of Technology
Assoc Prof John Buchanan, University of Technology Sydney
Dr Chris Campbell, University of Queensland
Dr Anne Coffey, The University of Notre Dame Australia
Dr David Curtis, Flinders University
Assoc Prof Brian Devlin, Charles Darwin University
Dr Robert Dixon, Curtin University
Dr John Egan, University of Auckland
Dr Pani Farvid, AUT University Auckland
Dr Michael Forsman, Södertörn University
Dr Leanne Fried, Edith Cowan University
Dr Chris Glass, Murdoch University
Dr Robyn Gregson, University of Western Sydney
Dr Marika Guggisberg, Curtin University
Mr Jan-Olof Gullö, Södertörn University
Dr Cougar Hall, Brigham Young University
Dr Brian Hemmings, Charles Sturt University
Prof Marcus Henning, University of Auckland
Dr Sandra Hesterman, Murdoch University
Assoc Prof Natalia Karlsson, Södertörn University
Professor Ewald Kiel, Ludwig Maximillian University
Assoc Prof Shane Lavery, The University of Notre Dame Australia
Dr Chwee Beng Lee, University of Western Sydney
Ms Wai Ha Leung, The Hong Kong Institute of Education
Dr Petra Lietz, Australian Council for Educational Research
Assoc Prof Beatriz Lindqvist, Södertörn University
Dr Lesley Ljungdahl, University of Technology, Sydney
Dr Caroline Mansfield, Murdoch University
Dr Judy MacCallum, Murdoch University
Dr Karen Maras, Australian Catholic University
Assoc Prof John McCormick, University of Wollongong
Dr Andrew McConney, Murdoch University
Dr Ann McMaugh, Macquarie University
Dr Zsuzsa Millei, University of Newcastle
Dr Fiona Moir, University of Auckland
Dr Lesley Newhouse-Maiden, Edith Cowan University
Linda Newman, Newcastle University
Dr Joanne Orlando, University of Western Sydney
Dr Kate Ferguson Patrick, The University of Sydney
Prof Chris Perry, Deakin University
Prof Joron Pihl, The University of Oslo
Assoc Prof Anne Power, University of Western Sydney
Dr Anne Prescott, University of Technology, Sydney
Dr Anne Price, Murdoch University
Assoc Prof Sari Poikela, University of Lapland
Dr Cheryl Sim, Griffith University
Dr Gemici Sinan, National Centre for Voc Ed Research
Dr Pina Tarricone, Edith Cowan University
Dr Myra Taylor, The University of WA
Dr Greg Thompson, Murdoch University
Dr Rita Tognini, Department of Education, WA
Dr Kevin Watson, The University of Western Sydney
Assoc Prof Ann Werner, Södertörn University
Dr Mirella Wyra, Flinders University
Dr Gregory Yates, University of South Australia

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