Issues In Educational Research

Editorial advisers 2008-2009

IIER records its appreciation of the voluntary work by the following, who have acted as reviewers for one or more submissions to IIER during the last two years.

Dr Don Adams, The University of Newcastle
Dr Jill Aldridge, Curtin University of Technology
Ken Alexander, Edith Cowan University
Dr Jennifer Archer, The University of Newcastle
Dr Roger Atkinson, Editor, AJET
Dr John Bednall, Social and Education Research Centre
Dr Sue Beltman, Curtin University of Technology
Dr Robyn Benson, Monash University
Professor Sid Bourke, The University of Newcastle
Dr Gwyn Brickell, Wollongong University
Assoc Prof Joanne Brownlee, Queensland University of Technology
Ms Alison Bunker, Edith Cowan University
Dr Marilyn Campbell, Queensland University of Technology
Dr Robert Cantwell, The University of Newcastle
Dr Rob Cavanagh, Curtin University of Technology
Dr Wendy Cumming-Potvin, Murdoch University
Dr David Curtis, Adelaide University
Dr Rex Dalzell, Massey University
Ass/Prof Jeanne Dawson, Curtin University of Technology
Ass Prof Brian Devlin, Charles Darwin University
Mr Robert Dixon, Curtin University of Technology
Eva Dobozy, Edith Cowan University
Dr Jeffrey Dorman, Australian Catholic University
Professor Barry Down, Murdoch University
Ms Bronwyn Ewing, Queensland University of Technology
Dr Margaret Freund, University of South Australia
Professor Colin Gibbs, Auckland University of Technology
Ms Christine Glass, Murdoch University
Brad Gobby, Murdoch University
Dr Jan Gray, Edith Cowan University
Dr Joan Gribble, Curtin University of Technology
Dr Robin Groves, Curtin University of Technology
Dr Marcus Henning, Auckland University
Dr Pauline Jones, University of Wollongong
Dr Chris Krageloh, Auckland University of Technology
Dr Rosie Le Cornu, University of South Australia
Dr Bill Leadbetter, Edith Cowan University
Susie Macfarlane, Deakin University
Dino Manalis, Curriculum Council of WA
Emmanuel Manalo, Auckland University
Dr Caroline Mansfield, Murdoch University
Dr Deepa Marat, Unitec, New Zealand
Prof Colin Marsh, Curtin University of Technology
Dr John McCormick, University of Wollongong
Ass/Pro Claire McLachlan , Massey University
Dr Zsuzsa Millei, University of Newcastle
Geoff Munns, University of Western Sydney
Assoc Prof John Munro, University of Melbourne
Dr Karen Murcia, Edith Cowan University
Dr Lesley Newhouse-Maiden, Edith Cowan University
Dr Grace Oakley, Edith Cowan University
Dr Jenny Overton, Macquarie University
Robin Pascoe, Murdoch University
Dr Chris Perry, Deakin University
Dr Judy Peters, University of South Australia
Ms Janie Petersen, Southern Cross University
Dr Anne Power, University of Western Sydney
Ms Lauren Puglisi, University of Wollongong
Assoc Prof Anna Reid, Macquarie University
Dr Sharon Russo, University of South Australia
Margaret Scrimgeour, University of South Australia
Elisabeth Settlemaier, Curtin University of Technology
Dr Cheryl Sim, Griffith University
Dr Ian Solomonides, Macquarie University
Dr Barbara Spears, University of South Australia
Ms Marie Stevenson, University of South Australia
Dr Kathy Stewart, Macquarie University
Eileen Thompson, The University of Western Australia
Roger Vallance, Notre Dame Dadiangas University, Philippines
Ms Dale Wache, University of South Australia
Kevin Watson, University of Western Sydney
Amanda Woods-McConney, Murdoch University
Dr Marold Wosnitza, Murdoch University
Dr Peter Wright, Murdoch University
Dr Grace Zhang, Curtin University of Technology

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