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The purpose for this page is to facilitate reader access to recent IIER editorials, especially those which discuss editorial activities, current policies, and trends in academic publishing relevant for IIER's authors and readers.

YearEditorialMain topics

2023 33(1)(i) Revisiting the "need to publish ..."; (ii) ChatGPT and academic journal publishing

2022 32(4)(i) An editor's lament; (ii) Peer review in academic publishing; (iii) Update on new .au namespace
32(3)(i) New .au namespace; (ii) Google Scholar searches for IIER articles; (iii) An editor's lament
32(2)(i) IIER's 2021 review outcomes; (ii) Diversions from core tasks - 'First time' submitters; An update on 'To ban, or not to ban?'; Demise of IIER and similar journals?; Obituary: iMac W80022SZ5PC...
32(1)(i) Translated from ... to English; (ii) To ban, or not to ban?

202131(4)What copy editing of reference lists reveals
31(3)"Please help me to identify the status of the journal..." - IIER bibliometric data from "Web of Science" and "SJR"
31(2)(i) IIER's 2020 review outcomes; (ii) Text-to-speech, and other diversions - ORCID ids; IIER bibliometrics
31(1)Is Google search essential for IIER? - current concerns; readers finding articles; support editorial activities.

2020 30(4) Open Access Week 2020 - Bias in scholarly publishing; Diversity, equity and inclusion.
30(3) Reflections on non-traditional publishing.
30(2) (i) IIER's 2019 review outcomes; (ii) Unprecedented - pandemic-induced changes in academic publishing
30(1) Maintaining our Internet-based publishing infrastructure - Service suspended; Bounce action notifications

2019 29(4) 'The last month' copy editing and formatting.
29(3) Is too much research being published? - two contrasting views.
29(2) Two items from recent editorial correspondence - journal management system; an author's plea.
29(1) Revisiting some IIER statistics - numbers of articles; numbers by region of origin; by author gender.

2018 28(4) Reflecting upon some unused IIER statistics - Article processing times; IIER website statistics.
28(3) Editorial 28(3): Reflecting upon the numbers for 2018
28(2) Welcome - escalating growth rate in submissions; concept of 'significant issues'
28(1) Reflecting on diversity and a format change - Illustrating IIER's diversity; IIER in HTML format ends.

2017 27(4) Welcome - online learning, second language learning, maths, science, special education.
27(3) Welcome
27(2) Welcome - being a good copy editor; digital object identifiers ('DOIs')
27(1) An early start to Volume 27, and our expanded editorial team.

2016 26(4) IIER's growth and jobs for reviewers and editorial staff.
26(3) Copy editing
26(2) Welcome - trends in gender mix of authors, and diversity of countries of origin, contexts, and topics.
26(1) Welcome.

2015 25(4) Surfing the waves of change in IIER's first 25 years.
2013 23(2)
Special issue: Teaching and learning in higher education: Western Australia's TL Forum.

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