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IIER Alerts: Emailing list notification of new issues

Upon publication of IIER Volume 24(1) we initiated a new 'alerts' service, based upon "Mailman", a widely used open source program. The "Mailman" installation is hosted by our website and domain name supplier, Netregistry Pty Ltd.

The list name is 'iier-alerts' and its purpose is to email 'alerts' to IIER subscribers upon publication of a new issue, or related matters such as invitations to submit articles for a special issue. Usually the number of postings per year will be equal to the number of issues per year. Note that it is a moderated list, consistent with the purpose of an alerts list, with currently only the Publisher and Website Manager authorised as moderators and as persons allowed to post and to view the list membership. The list is confidential and will not be disclosed to persons other than the IIER editorial staff who are list administrators.

For details, including how to subscribe and how to unsubscribe, please see:
For IIER Volume 23 we provided IIER readers with manually despatched email alerts about new issues.

For IIER Volumes 18 to 22, we used a Lyris based email lists service kindly provided by Education Services Australia, ending on 15 December 2012 when ESA retired the Lyris server. We record our warm appreciation of EdNA and ESA's great work for the education community in 2012 and previous years.

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